Welcome to the Knotty Rug Co.

4510 Stateline Rd
Kansas City, Ks 66103
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Here you will find a very personal selection of all varieties of what is commonly referred to as Oriental rugs. Of course, it is really so much more, but begin by exploring the beauty of the collection, or dive right into the size and style you are looking for.

Darrel Wingo, the owner, has personally selected every one of the rugs in the collection. He is really the curator of a fabulous gallery of Art. Most of the rugs are one of a kind, hand knotted wool, made by craftsmen just as they have been for centuries. Here you will find Antique, semi antique and new rugs that will amaze you with detail and artistry. Imagine the time and talent required to create one of these rugs by tying each knot, one at time, on a loom. Truly amazing!