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Sultanabad Rug

Palas Rug

A classic, muted Persian rug.

Klim Afghanestan

Bespoke Nepalese Rug

Aubusson Rug

'Silk Lines', bespoke Nepalese rug.

Aubusson rug, looking great in sitroom.

Palas Rug

Persian Heriz Carpet

Palas - great balance between traditional & contemporary.

A stunning Persian Heriz,

Sultanabad Rug

Isfahan Carpet

Peshwar Pakestan

A very fine '70 raj' Isfahan wool & silk rug

Aubusson Carpet

Sultanabad Carpet

Aubusson - good for bedrooms and drawing rooms.

Jaipur India

Bespoke Nepalese Rug

Bespoke Nepalese Rug

A Bespoke 'Cut & Loop' rug, hand-knotted in wool & silk.

Up close - the silk in this design gives some real sparkle.

Large Fine Garous Runner

Chobi Afghanestan

Fine Afghan Garous Runner

Bespoke Nepalese Rug

Bespoke Nepalese Rug

A bold Damask design in fresh colors adds the perfect weight.

A fine (100 knot) Nepalese wool & silk rug.

Qashgai Rug

Sultanabad Rug

A Tribal Qashgai rug in a lovely loft.

Agra India


Enhancing any room

Hand Knotted Construction