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Maintain the Beauty of Your Hand Knotted Rugs

The beauty and life of hand-knotted rugs are vitally dependent on their cleanliness. Lack of proper maintenance could result in loss of color, durability, and softness. To have your rug professionally cleaned please contact us.

Why was a flying carpet racer banned from the competition?

He was caught using performance-enhancing rugs. 

Oriental rugs will give remarkable service is treated with proper and careful consideration. Their two biggest enemies, apart from the inevitable destructive effect of wear, are moths and dampness. The former is best kept at bay by frequent moving or handling and by regular exposure to light and air. Remember, moths can cause considerable damage to Oriental rugs. If rugs must be stored, then inspection at regular intervals is essential. A carpet in use is rarely in danger of moths. Certain chemicals applications will render the wool inedible to moths. Dampness will in time rot the threads and destroy the fabric but it can be avoided by obvious means. Try to keep wet items such as damp shoes, away from the carpet. Also, if there are any liquid spills or accidents dry them as quickly as possible.

Never vacuum against the nap of the rug. The direction of the nap can easily be determined by running your hand across the pile from fringe to fringe. Vacuuming against the nap also presses dirt back into the rug. Never vacuum the fringe on your rug, doing so can cause the fringe to tear and break. Sweeping the fringe with a broom gives the best results. Also, as a general rule always vacuum with a low-level suction using a new bag to minimize dust and dirt.
Good quality padding protects your rug especially in heavily trafficked areas. The best padding is a hair or fiber filled pad with rubberized surfaces to keep the rug from moving or wrinkling. The life of an Oriental rug can be doubled with the use of a good quality pad.
Frequently rotating your rug from sunny areas to the other side of the room to equalize the effect of the sun. Continuous exposure to bright, hot sun rays as even indirect sunlight will cause damage to the dyed fabrics in Oriental rugs. On bright sunny days, use window shades, shutters, or heavy curtains to reduce the sun damage.
Before hanging carpets on the wall, you should be certain that the warp threads can withstand the strain. Never use nails or staples to hold the rug up. Use a strong poster holder to evenly distribute the weight of the hanging carpet.
To up-right the piles that are indented or crushed by the legs of furniture, brush the depressed area with a soft brush and faintly moisten the area with a spray bottle. Continue brushing the piles upright, but do not use too much force.

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