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Whether vintage or new, our hand-knotted pile rugs are woven the traditional way, which prolongs their lifespan. A skilled weaver, can tie one knot every two seconds, and individually ties every single knot to create intricate patterns and designs. Quality hand-knotted rugs hold their value extremely well and are meant to last decades.

A hand-knotted rug can add boundless charm, mystery and intrigue to your home.

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“I’ve never seen such an incredible selection of beautiful rugs! The staff made my first purchase of an oriental rug fun instead of intimidating.”


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True Beauty of
Hand Knotted Rugs

A multitude of styles, from unmatched Persian quality to unusual designs, all crafted expertly, though from perhaps lesser-known regions. All impart taste, style, and an appreciation for heirloom quality that will be as suitable 100 years hence as it now (and in centuries long past.) Each rug has a story and hidden meanings that will unfold over a lifetime of ownership. These rugs are not bought but are acquired to preserve magnificent artistry, detail, and historical qualities embedded in their beauty.

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